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Stihl FSA 85 Battery Grass Trimmer Skin Only


Stihl FSA 85 Battery Grass Trimmer Skin Only

Light, quiet and powerful battery trimmer with comfortable thread mower head AutoCut C 4-2 and extended cutting circle for output and smaller mowing head.

With practical distance bracket when mowing along obstacles and to trees and shrubs.

Ideal for mowing in noise-sensitive environments such as in parks or cemeteries.

Compatible with AP & AR series batteries


With the EC-Motor it is possible to get 55% more power from the battery. In addition to this the motor conserves battery energy and extends the lifetime up to 70%. The motor is very light, compact and has very low wear characteristics.


The guard protects the operator from flying debris and ensures that the nylon line is cut to the optimum length.

Lock leaver

The Grass Trimmer has a lock lever located near the throttle switch. This prevents the motor from running unintentionally.

Loop handle

With the toggle screw it is possible to change the position of the loop handle to suit the operator without using a tool. The loop handle also reduces vibrations for improved operator comfort.

Storage hole

Located in the handle frame you will find a slot used for storing the Grass Trimmer safely onto a wall after use.

Space guide

The spacer is provided as a special accessory for the FSA 65 and is supplied as standard with the FSA 85. The spacer is advantageous when mowing along obstacles or trimming lawn edges.

Battery Trimmers

Rated Voltage V:
Cutting Diam mm:
Weight kg:
2.8 excl battery cutting tool & guard
Total Length cm:
165cm - without tools
Cutting Tool:
AutoCut C4-2
Battery Life Time AP115:
up to 20 mins approx
Battery Life Time AP180:
up to 35 mins approx
Battery Life Time AP200:
up to 30 mins approx
Battery Life Time AP300:
up to 45 mins approx
Battery Life Time AR3000:
up to 220 mins approx

Stihl Battery System (battery-tools.pdf, 5,356 Kb) [Download]