Stihl ASA 65 Battery Pruning Shears - Skin Only


Stihl ASA 65 Battery Pruning Shears - Skin Only

Lightweight cordless pruning and vine pruning shears with high cutting force

Fast cordless trimmer offering outstanding cut for shoots and thinner branches. Suitable for work including in wine-growing, fruit-growing and olive growing.

  • Can be used by right and left-handed users alike.
  • Sturdy aluminium housing.
  • Ergonomic handle.
  • Electronically adjustable blade opening.
  • Easy blade change process.
  • ASA 65 excluding battery and charger

Compatible with AP & AR series batteries

Battery harness system

The battery harness system makes longer working times more comfortable, with the weight being evenly distributed across the body. Loops on the shoulder straps help guide the connection cable for both right and left handed users.

Aluminum housing

The robust aluminum housing protects the interior of the cordless pruners from dirt particles and ensures a longer service life.

Adjustable blade opening

The blade aperture can be electronically adjusted via the control unit. Four different stages can be set at 50%, 60%, 70% or 100%. During operation a quick double click of the trigger will adjust the blades between the different percentages.

Control unit

The control unit displays information on blade adjustment and battery charge level. The control unit also controls the changes between impulse and proportional cutting.


The STIHL brushless electric motor (EC) is very energy efficient and practically maintenance free. Thanks to its outstanding efficiency, the battery power is directly translated into impressive performance. During operation, the electronically controlled EC motor permanently monitors the load and adjusts the engine accordingly.

Battery Pruning Shears

Weight Without Battery:
0.74 kg - includes blades
Recommended Battery:
AP 200
Maximum Cutting Diameter:
35 mm
Battery Life Time AP200:
up to 420 mins approx
Battery Life Time AP300:
up to 630 mins approx

Stihl Battery Tools (Stihl-battery-tools.pdf, 4,698 Kb) [Download]