Honda GP160 Engine


Honda GP160 Engine

The latest addition to Honda's engine range, the GP160 is built for light-use, domestic applications and is one of the most affordable engines Honda has produced.

Perfect for domestic applications and light use, the GP160 is designed to power those odd jobs around the home.

From pressure washers to water pumps to generators, it will help get the task done reliably and on time.

Of course, if it's more power you're after, including for commercial applications, it might pay to compare it with the flagship GX160. Click on the "Compare Products" icon in the top right of this page to see how the GP160 stacks up.

A success overseas, its introduction into Australia further reinforces Honda's reputation as a company that helps people get things done.

And with a simple Throttle Control, large Fuel Tank and Automotive Type Fuel Cap, Dual Oil Drains and Fills, an easily accessible Spark Plug and Recoil Starter, the GP160 is there to help you out.


The GP160's Precision Camshaft design offers precise valve timing and optimal valve overlap for better fuel efficiency - it draws on decades of Honda engineering - the GX160 in particular - with its OHV design, delivering increased efficiency and optimal power transfer for where you need it.


A ball bearing-supported crankshaft and precision engineered components result in greater stability and lower vibration plus use of lightweight, noise-reducing materials and a forged steel crankshaft & rigid crankcase results in an exceptionally quiet engine that incorporates a large capacity, multi-chamber exhaust system.


The GP160 engine comes standard with a 1-year Domestic Warranty and with proper maintenance it will last you many years - serviced by over 400 Honda Dealers Australia wide.

Honda Engines

Engine Model:
4-stroke, overhead valve, single-cylinder, horizontal shaft
Displacement :
163 cc
Net Power:
3.6kW - 4.8HP at 3,600 rpm
Continuous Rated Power:
2.9kW 3.9HP at 3,600 rpm
Maximum Net Torque:
10.3 Nm at 2,500 rpm
Ignition Sytem:
Transistorised magneto ignition
Starting System:
PTO Shaft Rotation:
Counter-clockwise - from P.T.O. side
Fuel Consumption at Rated HP:
1.4 L/h at 3,600 rpm
Lubrication System:
Oil Tank Capacity:
0.6 litre
Fuel Tank Capacity:
3.1 litre
Dry Weight:
15.1 kg