21" - 53 cm Honda HRN216PKUA Catcher-Mulch Push Mower


21" - 53 cm Honda HRN216PKU Catcher-Mulch Push Mower

New for 2020 is the HRN mowers mowers from Honda® offering a new powerful GCV170 engine, with a rugged design that are packed with new features to provide an easy mowing experience to deliver a great quality finished cut. The new engine delivers an excellent power output in a clean design that works beautifully in our hot Australian lawn conditions.

Maintaining your Honda® lawn mower has never been easier as you have the famous first start® easy starting engine that is a breeze to service and includes a large volume fuel tank as well. The new the exclusive Honda Twin Blade MicroCut System® delivers clean cutting and fine mulching; finer clippings improve mulch and occupy less volume in the grass bag.

  • New GCV170 engine with more power & torque
  • Improved noise and reduced vibration
  • Easier to start and re-start
  • Easier to fuel
  • Lower roll-back force
  • Better manoeuvrability
  • Easier height adjustment
  • Easier to change between mulch & bag settings
  • Better cutting and mulching quality
  • Better bagging performance
Improved Maintenance

The new HRN series mowers have improved maintenance systems that include a large fuel tank, a convenient oil drain position as well as an easier carburettor removal & installation and modular engine construction for easy crankshaft removal & installation and blade replacement and servicing.


The power and torque of the new Honda GCV170 engine provides more stable RPMs for consistent cutting, mulching and collecting and also features an automatic choke for easy starting, and once the engine is running, the Auto Choke automatically returns to an optimal operating position; the new engine features the Honda exclusive CycloFlow™ design, increased turbulence in the cylinder equals better combustion, resulting in easy starting and greater resistance to lower quality fuel.


The 21-inch curvilinear heavy-duty steel mower deck is designed for optimized airflow, to produce an efficient path for grass clippings to pass into the bag or onto the ground when mulching which improves bagging and mulching, preventing grass clippings from clogging.


The new HRN models feature the exclusive Honda Twin Blade MicroCut System® for fine mulching at any height. The finer grass clippings improve mulching, and take less capacity in the catcher - fewer trips to empty the bag. Durability is also improved, the front wheels have a simple single axle - nut and bolt connections are made of steel and embedded in resin.

3 in 1 system with Clip Director®

All of the HRN mowers offer this clever system - simply slide the Clip Director for mulching, bagging, or discharging versatility - no attachments required - superior cut quality whether you're mulching or bagging, even in tough mowing conditions. Plus with a 66L catcher bag, you can keep mowing for longer without having to stop and empty so frequently.


Two levers for easy control, the operator can make quick and convenient adjustments for seven different cutting heights, making it fast and easy. The wide fuel spout along with an elevated oil spout makes it easy to fill with fuel or change the oil—reducing the potential for spillage. The design also features a smart engine layout with easy access to the spark plug, an optimized air cleaner that can be changed without tools.

Engine Manufacturer:

Push Mowers

Engine Manufacturer:
Engine Model:
Cutting Width:
21 inches - 53cm
Chassis Material:
Drive System:
Cutting Options:
Collection & Mulch
Cutting Height:
25 - 100 mm - 7 positions
Grass Catcher Material:
Poly Bag