Stihl BGA 300 Backpack Cordless Leaf Blower




Stihl BGA 300 Backpack Cordless Leaf Blower

Very quiet despite high blowing power!

When local authorities and landscapers are carrying out cleaning work in noise-sensitive areas, the volume of the power tool used is an important factor for the environment. That’s why in the STIHL BGA 300 backpack cordless blower, we have significantly reduced noise emissions for residents and passers-by thanks to the new STIHL Noise Reduction System. In addition, the damping of certain frequencies creates a more pleasant sound pattern. At the same time, the maximum air speed of 86 m/s ensures very high cleaning performance. This enables you to quickly blow away even heavy, wet leaves and clean parks, meadows, paths and roads efficiently.

For optimum energy management, you can conveniently set the blowing force for the respective cleaning task using the control handle with LED display, which offers 4 predefined power levels (levels 1 to 3 and continuous boost). For confined spaces, the quick-adjust blower tube of the STIHL BGA 300 cordless blower can be shortened in an instant and then extended again just as quickly. The compact design of the BGA 300 cordless leaf blower from STIHL also supports effective working, as you need much less space when cleaning as you move between parked cars, for example.

The ergonomic carrying system with comfortable shoulder straps and hip belt, plus the STIHL AR L backpack battery’s centre of gravity being close to the user’s body, mean optimum weight distribution. Working with the BGA 300 requires at least one STIHL AR 2000 L  backpack battery or a STIHL AR 3000 L for full blowing power. This blower is also ready for networked working via STIHL connected , thanks to the Smart Connector 2 A.

All cordless power tools within the STIHL AP-System have been designed for professional users and daily work, including in adverse weather conditions. For this reason they are certified as splashproof; the effectiveness of this is also verified through demanding internal tests. The splashwater test is aligned with the IPX4 standard, among others.


VERY COMFORTABLE TO USE. This high-quality, ergonomic carrying system offers a high level of comfort as you work. Its S-shaped shoulder straps and hip belt ensure a comfortable fit, improve weight distribution, and in this way support you during long periods of use in particular.

NOISE REDUCTION SYSTEMThe innovative technology significantly reduces the volume (sound power level) for residents and passers-by. At the same time, disruptive frequencies are minimised to create a pleasant sound pattern. Sound emissions are reduced at the high-performance turbine input in such a way that the leaf blower sounds equally quiet to nearby people on all four sides.

THE RIGHT OUTPUT FOR EVERY APPLICATION. Depending on requirements, the blowing force can be flexibly set to 4 output levels including boost mode. The selected level is indicated by illuminated LEDs. Boost mode activates maximum leaf blower power while the trigger button is held down, regardless of the preselected power level. You can optimise the battery runtime by selecting the appropriate power level.


KEEP THE THROTTLE POSITION CONSTANT FOR LONGER PERIODS. You can lock the throttle at any preferred position, even between levels. This relieves the strain on your index finger during longer periods of continual use.


FOR COMFORT WHEN WORKING IN TIGHT SPOTS AND CORNERS. The length of the blower tube can be adjusted on an infinitely variable basis, for example for use in narrow work areas or corners. The blower lance can be extended again just as easily. You can open and close the fastening of the blower tube by turning the ring.


FOR ERGONOMIC WORK. Thanks to tool-free handle position adjustment, you can easily adapt the handle on the blower tube to the user’s height, enabling ergonomic, effortless work.

Battery Blowers

Rated Voltage V:
7.4 kg
Battery Technology:
Lithium-Ion PRO
Maximum Airspeed m/s:
Battery Life Time AR3000:
140 mins – 61 mins - depending on boost level


Air Throughput m3/hr: