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Stihl Battery Brushcutter FSA 130 Skin Only


Stihl Battery Brushcutter FSA 130 Skin Only

Powerful and lightweight battery Brushcutter for working on large areas of tough grass. Cutting circle diameter of 260 mm with grass cutting blade, adjustable with 3 power settings, bike handle. Suspension device for carrying the tool with a backpack AR battery or AP carrying system.

Compatible with AP & AR series batteries

Ergonomic bike handle

When used in conjunction with a harness, the bike handle enables a smooth mowing action. Ideal for working on large areas and allows the machine to be easily guided, thus reducing fatigue.


With the EC-Motor it is possible to get 55% more power from the battery. In addition to this the motor conserves battery energy and extends the lifetime up to 70%. The motor is very light, compact and has very low wear characteristics.

PRO battery for professional applications

When you're working, maximum power and battery life combined with outstanding handling are essential.

Quiet operation

The Stihl PRO battery power system devices are so quiet you don't even need ear protection.

Battery Trimmers

Rated Voltage V:
Cutting Diam mm:
Weight kg:
4.5 inc battery
Total Length cm:
175cm - without tools
Cutting Tool:
AutoCut 2-2
Battery Life Time AP200:
up to 60 mins approx
Battery Life Time AP300:
up to 85 mins approx
Battery Life Time AR1000:
up to 230 mins approx
Battery Life Time AR3000:
up to 420 mins approx

Stihl Battery System (battery-tools.pdf, 5,356 Kb) [Download]