Stihl FSA 86 R Battery Grass Trimmer Tool Only




Stihl FSA 86 R Battery Grass Trimmer Tool Only

Powerful cordless brushcutter in a contemporary design for mowing along the side of obstacles, as well as around trees and bushes. Cutting circle diameter 350 mm. Ergonomic operating handle, loop handle, sturdy aluminium shaft, spacer bracket.

  • Cutting circle diameter 350 mm
  • AutoCut C 6-2 cutting tool
  • Ergonomic operating handle
  • Loop handle
  • Sturdy aluminium shaft
  • Spacer bracket

Note: Battery and charger are NOT included in the price.

STIHL electric motor (EC)

The STIHL electric motor (EC) is extremely energy efficient, lightweight and compact. It runs quietly, generates very low vibrations and does not require servicing.

Battery slot

The AP batteries can be inserted directly into the battery slot in the motor housing. This makes working even more mobile and flexible.

Smart Connector

The device is compatible with the Smart Connector 1.0 and can be easily integrated into STIHL connected.

Loop handle

The comfortable all-round handle ensures great freedom of movement and easy handling, even in more confined spaces.

Ergonomic control handle

A locking lever (orange front), ERGO lever (black) and main trigger lever (orange below). The locking lever is self-resetting and prevents unintentional switching on of the device. When the ERGO lever and shift lever are pressed, you can work continuously with ease.

Spacer bracket

The spacer bracket protects your mowing head from damage. It can also protect plants from being damaged by the mowing head during use.

Battery Trimmers

Battery Technology:
AP System
Rated Voltage V:
Cutting Diam mm:
Weight kg:
Total Length cm:
172cm - without tools
Cutting Tool:
AutoCut C 6-2
Battery Life Time AP200:
up to 30 mins approx
Battery Life Time AP300:
up to 36 mins approx