Stihl Battery Long Reach Hedge Trimmer HLA 56 - Skin Only


Stihl Battery Long Reach Hedge Trimmer HLA 56 - Skin Only

This great new addition takes the Compact battery Lithium-Ion range to new heights

Lightweight cordless long-reach hedge trimmer for cutting taller hedges and shrubs in your garden. This new addition to the COMPACT Lithium-Ion range now increases the options to 9 models powered with the one battery. With more additions to arrive in 2020 the COMPACT Lithium-Ion range continues to go from strength to strength.

The HLA 56 will only be available to purchase as a SKIN ONLY option.
  • Detachable shaft for easy transport
  • Wall bracket for convenient storage
  • Lightweight for comfortable operation
  • Integrated cut protection with droplet shape
    to guide hedge material towards cutters
  • Screw on blade tip protector
  • Total length without extension: 210cm
    − Optional extension shaft: 50cm
  • Adjustable head for cutting at -45° to +90°

Optional purchase: 50cm extension shaft is also available.

Compatible with the Stihl Lithium-Ion Compact batteries

High cutting performance

The cutting teeth are droplet shaped with a large tooth spacing and integrated cut protection to ensure high cutting performance.

Simple operation

The HLA 56 has a locking lever (orange front), ERGO lever (black) and main trigger lever (orange below). The locking lever is self-resetting and prevents unintentional switching on of the device. When the ERGO lever and shift lever are pressed, you can work continuously with ease.

Simple head angle adjustment

With the help of the large angle adjustment button, the blade angle can be easily adjusted without tools from -45 ° to + 90 ° for cutting the the top of the hedge and sides.

Loop handle

The loop handle allows freedom of movement and ease of use, even in a limited space.

Split shaft

The shaft of the HLA 56 is easily seperable thanks to the clamp with toggle screw. The Skin can therefore be easily transported and stored.

Tip protector

The tip protector allows you to cut closer to the ground or along walls and helps protect the blades from damage.

Battery Hedge Trimmers

Rated Voltage V:
Weight kg:
3.8 without protection, without battery
Maximum Cutting Diameter mm:
Total Length cm:
Tooth Spacing mm:
Battery Technology:
Lithium-Ion Compact
Blade Length:
45 cm

Stihl Battery Tools (battery-tools.pdf, 5,356 Kb) [Download]