Honda HHB36 Battery Blower - Tool Only




Honda HHB36 Battery Blower - Tool Only

Convenience. Flexibility. Use the same battery for every product.

Universal Battery System

This new Honda range is powered by Honda’s Universal Battery System. Simple and convenient to use, a single lithium-ion battery is paired with a single charger to work across the entire range. There’s no need for different batteries for each product you own.

Honda’s HHB36 Battery Blower is ideal for both residential and commercial users. It delivers robust performance that can blow through dry, wet or heavy debris with its powerful and superior air volume.

  • 860m3/h Air volume & 245 km/h Wind Velocity
  • 36v Battery power with brushless motor
  • 2.7kg (excl battery)
  • 99dB(A)
  • 2 year domestic warranty

Tool only, battery & charger sold separately

Multi Purpose Dual Nozzle

With two interchangeable flat and round nozzles supplied as standard, you can adapt the airflow to suit all conditions.

Weight Assisting Belt

The new HHB36 Battery Blower, creating a package that feels perfectly balanced in operation.

Adjustable Fan Speed

 The Honda HHB36 Battery Blower has variable speed control that can be adjusted at the touch of a button.

Superior Volume & Wind Speed

Get that Honda finish with the superior air volume of 730-860m3/h and a maximum wind speed of 66-68m/s!