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Stihl HT 56 CE Long Reach Pole Pruner


Stihl HT 56 CE Long Reach Pole Pruner

Handy Long Reach Pole Pruner

Handy entry-level model for grounds maintenance and orchard care. Reliable 2-MIX engine, STIHL ErgoStart, divisible shaft allows for easy transport and convenient storage, total length 280 cm.

  • Easy2Start
  • Reliable 2-MIX engine
  • Always on mode: you don’t need to control the stop button when restarting,
    the engine can be started at any time
  • The fuel pump delivers fuel to the carburetor for easy starting
  • Easy, comfortable thumb-operated control means the operator’s hand never leaves the handle

STIHL ErgoStart (E)

Easy and gentle start with an additional spring between the crankshaft and the spring rope pulley. A quiet, steady pull is enough to start it reliably. Standard on all models with the CE designation.

Multi-function control handle

All controls for motor control are integrated in the multi-function handle. The operation of the device is easy and safe - the hand remains on the handle.

Detachable shaft

The HT 56 CE shaft is detachable for easy transportation and storage.

Stop button

You don't need to control the stop button when restarting. The engine can be started at any time.

Manual fuel pump (Purger Bulb)

A small fuel pump delivers fuel to the carburettor at the touch of a button. This reduces the number of starting strokes required from a cold start.

STIHL 2-MIX-Engine

The STIHL two-stroke engine with 2-MIX technology provides powerful performance, plenty of torque, and fuel savings of up to 20% compared to STIHL two-stroke engines in the same performance class without 2-MIX technology. It combines a four-channel cylinder with a stratified scavenging system.

Pole Pruners

Displacement :
27.2 cc
6.6 kg without fuel, guide bar & chain
Power Output:
0.8 kW - 1.1 BHP
Standard Guide Bar:
25 cm
Total Length Max:
2.8 metre
Saw Chain Pitch:
1/4" pico

Stihl Chainsaws & Pole Pruners (chainsaws-polsaws.pdf, 2,015 Kb) [Download]