Stihl HTE 60 Electric Pole Pruner


Stihl HTE 60 Electric Pole Pruner

The particularly powerful HTE 60 electric pole pruner enables you to trim branches up to a height of approx. 3.2 m. Also suitable for cutting back vigorous hedge growth.

Cable strain relief

The tensile forces are absorbed via the strain relief. Thus, the connector when pulling is not accidentally disconnected.

Soft grip handle

The soft grip makes working with the machine more comfortable as well as absorbing vibrations from the engine unit.

Pole Pruners

5.1 kg without cable
Power Output:
1.45 kW
Standard Guide Bar:
30 cm
Total Length Min:
2.1 metre
Saw Chain Pitch:
Rated Voltage:

Stihl Chainsaws & Pole Pruners (Stihl-chainsaws-polsaws.pdf, 2,629 Kb) [Download]