Stihl TS 440 Cut-Off Saw For Limited Access Cuts


Stihl TS 440 Cut-Off Saw For Limited Access Cuts

An all purpose cut-off machine for above and below ground. With 350mm/14" cutting wheels to cut up to 125mm deep.

Innovative cut-off machine for 350 mm cutting wheels. With extended guard adjustment and STIHL QuickStop wheel brake. The extended guard adjustment makes cut guidance significantly easier when cutting pipes, in corners and wall sections where space is limited. Fitted with electronic water control, a long-life air filter system for a long filter service life, and anti-vibration system as standard. Effortless start-up thanks to STIHL ElastoStart and a fuel-efficient 2-MIX engine. Machine supplied with abrasive wheel as standard.

  • Long-life air filter system
  • Fitted with electronic water control
  • Strength-saving start-up process thanks to the decompression valve
  • Economically and environmentally friendly 2-MIX engine
  • STIHL QuickStop wheel brake
STIHL 2-MIX Engine

The new 2-MIX engine features an advanced stratified charge system that boosts power, whilst reducing consumption and pollution, significantly lowering unburned hydrocarbons in the exhaust. The result is a cleaner, more fuel efficient engine

Long-life air filter system (cyclone air routing)

The long-life air filter system with cyclone air routing ensures that 80% of dust particles are separated and transported out into the surrounding air. In turn this extends the cleaning intervals for the foam pre-filter.

STIHL Anti-vibration system

Buffer and spring elements reduce the transmission of engine vibrations to the operator's arms and hands. This makes free-hand cutting much less strenuous.

Manual fuel pump (Purger)

If your petrol driven equipment has a manual fuel pump, you can reduce the number of starting strokes by about 40% if you operate the pump a few times before starting up. This speeds up the supply of sufficient fuel to start up.

Two-stage belt drive

a two-stage belt drive, the TS 440 is characterized by a high torque on the cutting wheel. It allows the users to apply higher feed force while reducing the chance of bogging the engine.

STIHL Electronic water control

is operated via simple buttons while the engine is running -the water then switches on and off during cutting automatically - the water volume can be regulated by simply pressing the plus & minus buttons.

Concrete Equipment

Displacement :
66.7 cc
Power Output:
3.2 kW - 4.2 BHP
11.1 kg without fuel & cutter blade
Cut-off Wheel Diameter:
350 mm
Tank Volume:
710 ml