Stihl HS 87 T Petrol Hedge Trimmer - 100 cm


Stihl HS 87 T Petrol Hedge Trimmer

Professional hedge trimmer with 2-Mix engine technology

The single sided cutting blade offers excellent balance and control, especially when shaping and trimming the tops of hedges. With a reduction in weight and increased efficiency, these machines will make light work of all trimming tasks.

  • STIHL anti-vibration system
  • Long-life air filter system
  • Single-sided cutting blades in trimming version
  • Rotating multi-function handle
  • Stop button

STIHL Anti-vibration system

Precisely calculated spring elements dampen down vibrations from the engine to a minimum, reducing fatigue. Image shows HS 81.

One-sided blade

STIHL hedge trimmers with single-sided blades are ideal for cutting between waist and chest height.

Electronic ignition module

This ensures reliable starting and trouble-free running. The ignition system is fully encapsulated and thus proof against damp and dirt.

Manual fuel pump (Purger)

A small fuel pump delivers fuel to the carburettor at the touch of a button. This reduces the number of starting strokes required from a cold start.

Swiveling multi function handle

The handle rotates around through 90° to the left and right, ensuring the best cutting position at all times.


22.7 cm3
Blade Length:
100 cm
Power output:
0.7 kW - 1 HP
5.5 Kg working weight - without fuel
Tank Volume:
0.46 litre

Stihl Hege Trimmer Catalogue (Stihl-hedge-trimmers.pdf, 2,197 Kb) [Download]