Razorback CMX1808 AWD All Terrain Mower


Razorback CMX1808 All Terrain Mower

The first of our “Big Twins” – the CMX1808 has a twin cylinder, chain driven, overhead cam shaft vanguard engine that develops 18 horsepower NET output. This all terrain mower boasts all the features of the F1 platform. It performs extremely well in heavy growth and comfortably handles steep inclines with EU certification for 25 degree gradability and 30 degrees left & right stability angles!

  • 18HP horizontal shaft Vanguard twin cylinder engine
  • Chain driven over head camshaft
  • Selectable 2WD & 4WD from the dashboard on the run
  • A cast iron compact tractor front axle set with planetary hubs
  • High & low ratio gearbox
  • Limited slip diff lock that is selectable from the dashboard
  • Shaft driven cutter deck train
  • Hydrostatic transmission
  • Foot control for forward & reverse movement
  • Drum brakes
  • Park brake

The Fist Of The "Big Twins" In The Razorback Range

After the F1 chassis was developed it became obvious that the Razorback range required a complementary all terrain mower that fitted below the Contractor's CMX2302. After some deliberation it was decided to equip the mid range model with a slightly smaller engine and hydrostatic gearbox. In order to contain costs that CMX1808 shares all of the F1 chassis, cutting deck, fuel tank, steering and 4WD planetary driving system.

So an incredibly robust mower was created in a very cost effective manner; all the features and solid engineering at a price that many acreage home owners absolutely love! We have even sold these as alternative property transport - hook up a trailer - take your rubbish bins out - do almost anything and far safer than any quad bike anywhere on the planet!

Seeing is believing - ask for a demonstration to see just what you will be able to achieve on your property!

Selectable 4WD & Diff Lock

The Razorback provides high & low as well as selectable 4WD and rear diff lock - unbelievable AWD control and braking on steep slopes!

Unbelievable Heavy Duty Engineering

Japanese designed and built with beautifully designed heavy duty gearboxes, hydrostatic drives, axels and differentials.

Shaft Driven Deck

The deck drive system has universal joints on a sliding splined shaft through an extremely heavy duty deck gearbox & blade carrier.

Razorback Blade System

Direct shaft drive through a heavy duty deck gearbox with unique layered blades that can withstand abuse like no other mower.

Planetary AWD Front Hubs

The Razorback 4WD system provides shaft drive via universals to a set of planetary AWD front hubs - based on the tractor principle.

Razorback Specifications

Cutting Height:
0 – 150 mm
Cutting Width:
975 mm
Drive Train:
4 Wheel Drive
Fuel Tank Capacity:
20 litres
25 degrees
Max Speed:
13.8 km/h
Operating Mass:
360 (fuel tank full)
Rated Net Output:
Stability Angle:
30 degrees left & right

Razorback AWD CMX1808 Flyer (CMX1808-3.pdf, 1,158 Kb) [Download]