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48" MT27i Walker Mower EFI Kohler - Catcher Model


Tractor & Deck


MT27i Walker Mower EFI Kohler - 48 inch Deck Collection Model

A powerful air-cooled engine with EFI technology delivers a responsive, fuel efficient performance. The Walker Mower MT27i provides powerful acceleration and throttle response with built-in diagnostics and service light on the instrument panel.

  • 26.5 HP Kohler OHV V-Twin engine with DELPHI Electronic Fuel Injection
  • 48 inch collection deck
  • Tilt-open style body and chassis
  • Shaft driven cutter deck
  • Shock-mounted instrument panel
  • Remote air intake for engine
  • 10.0 bushel - 12.4 cu. ft. catcher
  • 10.5″ - 27 cm grass handling blower
  • Splined PTO drive shaft with quick-disconnect coupler
  • 17.8 litre fuel tank
  • 11.3 kph ground speed

Walker Mowers System

All Walker Mowers are part of a family system; you purchase a tractor unit and then a deck for your requirements. This system includes easily interchangeable decks, assorted wheels and tyres for slope and bank mowing, as well as some of the best mulching blade and deck combinations for commercial applications. When you purchase a Walker Mower you have access to a huge range of accessories designed around mowing solutions.

MT27i Walker Mower – Commercial EFI

The MT27i Walker Mower provides excellent fuel economy due to the EFI Kohler engine, it is the ultimate petrol choice for commercial operators, offering great performance and agility. The Walker Grass collection mowers are agile and mow lawn areas very quickly and efficiently. As the grass passes through an inboard blower system, all your clippings are collected which leaves a very manicured finish to the lawn.

Driving The Walker Mower

Walker's drive system is unique as there is one lever on the right hand side while both turning levers for left and right are operated by your left hand. Instead of swinging on left and right levers like the average zero turn mower - the Walker responds so easily that you steer the machine with your left hand with only minor movement; while the right hand controls the speed and direction - forward and back. Totally energy saving, direct and efficient - which is why so many contractors use Walker Mowers!

Seeing is believing - ask for a demonstration on your property!

Compact and Easy

Trimming around and under landscaping is easy and safe with your Walker Mower.


Outfront mowing gives you greater balance on hills and allows faster turning across landscapes.

Easy Deck Servicing

Attend to sharpening and blade inspection & replacement easily.

Easy Servicing

Easily tilt the mower body to service filters or clean with a hand blower.

Best Seat in The House

Outfront mowers allow you to see and work closer to obstacles, closer trimming – better productivity.

Effortless Steering

Forward and reverse control are on your right hand; left and right steering is done with the fingers of your left hand – fast & easy!

Engine Manufacturer:

Walker Specifications

Command Pro® ECH749, EFI
747 cc - 45.6 cu in
Max Power:
19.7 Kw - 25 hp @ 3600 rpm
Max Torque:
38.8 ft lbs
Fuel Tank Capacity:
17.8 liter
Deck Width:
48 inch collection deck
Fuel Use Per Hour:
3.73 liter