Razorback CM1401H All Terrain Mower 2WD


Razorback CM1401H - 2 Wheel Drive

The entry level Razorback CM1401H is a 14 horsepower, horizontal shaft Honda GX390 engine that has a chain driven overhead cam shaft. It is a two Wheel Drive unit that has all the features associated with the F1 platform, including shaft drive deck, high & low ratio gearbox, the complete safety system including drum brake and hydrostatic drive train that can be hand or foot operated.

  • 14HP horizontal shaft 2WD Honda GX390 engine
  • Chain driven over head camshaft engine
  • High & low ratio gearbox
  • Limited slip diff lock selected from the dashboard
  • Shaft driven cutter deck train
  • Hydrostatic transmission
  • Hand & foot control
  • Drum brake
  • Park brake

A 2WD Mower Like No Other

The CM1401 is built on the F1 chassis and shares the very same cutting deck, hydrostatic gearbox and shaft drive system. The outcome is a robust mower that has all the attributes of the other mowers in the range, without the all wheel drive ability; complete with high and low range gearbox - it is the most rugged 2WD mower imaginable, Honda GX390 engine powered, shaft driven cutter train with the incredible Razorback blade system; a Razorback in every way but at a more affordable price!

Razorback Blade System

Direct shaft drive through a heavy duty deck gearbox with unique layered blades that can withstand abuse like no other mower.

Unbelievable Heavy Duty Engineering

Japanese designed and built with beautifully designed heavy duty gearboxes, hydrostatic drives, axels and differentials.

Side Slopes - 30 degrees Left & Right

The Razorback 2WD system has an inclination angle of 15 degrees and slope 30 degrees left and right!

Shaft Driven Deck

The deck drive system has universal joints on a sliding splined shaft through an extremely heavy duty deck gearbox.

Razorback Specifications

Cutting Height:
0 – 150 mm
Cutting Width:
975 mm
Drive Train:
2 Wheel Drive
Fuel Tank Capacity:
6.1 litres
15 degrees
Max Speed:
13.2 km/h
Operating Mass:
320 Kg (fuel tank full)
Rated Net Output:
Stability Angle:
30 degrees left & right

Razorback CM1401H Flyer (CM1401H.pdf, 936 Kb) [Download]