STIHL RMI 422 P iMOW® robotic mower




STIHL RMI 422 P iMOW® robotic mower

Compact and smart robotic mower for lawns up to 1,500 m²

The STIHL RMI 422 P iMOW® robotic mower is recommended for use on medium-sized lawns of up to 1,500 m². The high capacity of its lithium-ion battery ensures a long operating time. The mulching mowing deck cuts lawns to the length defined using the multi-setting cutting height adjustment. Thanks to the adaptive slope speed function, the speed on a gradient is adapted by up to 40%. The movable hood with sensors protects the machine. All settings can be changed conveniently via the display. Price excludes installation. iMOW® models are only available at approved iMOW® Dealers. 

Standard equipment 

The standard equipment of the STIHL iMow robotic mower includes the machine, the docking station, four pegs for fastening the docking station to the ground as well as an iMow ruler as an aid for laying the perimeter wire. iMow is installed by authorised iMow Dealers only.

Bright LCD display

The control panel is integrated into the housing of the STIHL iMOW® robotic mower and features a large LCD display. It provides a particularly intuitive way of recording all settings as well as a way of viewing all functions and performance data of the automatic lawn mower. The high-contrast, bright display is easy to read even in sunlight.

Docking station

The docking station is included in the standard equipment of the STIHL iMOW® robotic mower. It is both the robotic mower's home and where it charges its battery - it is the starting point for every mowing operation. When driving, the automatic lawn mower is guided by the signal transmitted by the perimeter wire at the edge of the lawn.

Mulching mowing deck

The sturdy mulching blade of the STIHL iMOW® robotic mower ensures a precise cutting pattern even with higher grass growth - the rotational direction changes automatically every time the blade stops so the blades of the automatic lawn mower wear evenly.

Adaptive slope speed

Using the adaptive slope speed function, the STIHL iMOW® robotic mower adapts its speed on uneven terrain. The integrated tilt sensor constantly analyses the inclination of the automatic lawn mower and synchronises its propulsion.

Dynamic mowing plan

Using the interactive mowing plan of the STIHL iMOW® robotic mower, individual time windows during which the machine can be in operation can be defined for each day. Within these active times, the automatic lawn mower automatically determines the best times to mow for an optimum result. If it has to interrupt mowing because of rain, for instance, it automatically catches up later within the specified time window. The dynamic mowing plan can be called up and executed via the control panel.

Battery Lawn Mower

Cutting Height:
25 - 60 mm
Cutting Width:
20 cm
Working speed rpm:
Maximum gradient %:
Maximum lawn area m²:
1,500 square metres