Honda VersAttach 25cc Power Head


Honda VersAttach 35cc Power Head

Powered by Honda's famous 25cc 4-Stroke Engine, this VersAttach powerhead already comes standard on most of Honda's range of handheld power equipment.

Suitable for the residential user, this powerhead delivers the 'starts-first-time every-time' reliability that Honda is known for, and offers superior performance no matter what attachment is connected.

A lightweight and ergonomic design, paired with the power that comes standard with a Honda, results in a power source that you can rely on day in, day out.

The world's lightest OHC engine, the Honda Mini 4-stroke engine requires no fuel/oil mixing, and runs at approximately half the operating cost of comparable 2-stroke engines.


A full 360° "any-side-up" operation means you can use and store the UMC425 in any position, and take advantage of the exclusive rotary-slinger lubrication system. The carburetor is equipped with an accelerator pump for fast, easy acceleration, and an efficient port configuration and large diameter valves maximise power output. Lighter, more rigid valve train.

Grass Trimmers & Brushcutters

Engine Model:
Displacement CC:
25 cc
Power Output kW:
0.72 kW - 1.0HP at 7,000 rpm
Oil Tank Volume:
.08 litre
Fuel Tank Volume:
.55 litre
Dry Weight:
2.78 kg - without clutch