Stihl FS 131 Professional Brushcutter


Stihl FS 131 Professional Brushcutter

Particularly powerful cordless brush cutter for working on large areas of tough grass.

  • A simplified start-up sequence for convenient starting
  • Bike handle
  • Control handle with stop button
  • 4-MIX┬« engine with larger tank for greater battery life
  • Rigid drive shaft
  • Double shoulder harness.

Automatic decompression

The decompression system automatically opens the intake valve during engine start-up. This prevents pressure peaks and considerably reduces the effort needed to pull the starting rope.

STIHL Anti-vibration system

The STIHL anti-vibration system is available in a one-point version for smaller models and in an especially effective four-point version for larger machines starting with the STIHL. It reduces handle vibration for easy and comfortable operation.

Air filter with long service life

The easily accessible paper filter with a long service life means it can go for long intervals without changing. (similar to illustration). Even if you only pull the starting cord slowly the engine starts easily.

STIHL 4-MIX Engine

The STIHL 4-MIX engine, which runs on a fuel-oil mix just like a 2-stroke, offers the benefits without the compromises of 4-stroke power. STIHL 4-MIX engine technology provides fast acceleration, more power, added torque, lower noise, reduced emissions and increased fuel efficiency to complete jobs quickly, quietly and more easily.

Ergonomic bike handle

When used in conjunction with a harness, the bike handle enables a smooth mowing action. Ideal for working on large areas and allows the machine to be easily guided, thus reducing fatigue.

Multi-function handle

All the engine and speed controls are easily accessible and at your finger tips.

Grass Trimmers & Brushcutters

Displacement CC:
Power Output kW:
1.4 kW - 1.87 HP
Fuel Tank Volume:
0.71 litre
Dry Weight:
5.8 excluding fuel, tool & guard
Handle Type:
bike handle
Total Length:
180 cm without tool

Stihl Grass Trimmers & Brushcutters (brushcutters-clearing-saws.pdf, 2,081 Kb) [Download]