Honda HHT36 Battery Brushcutter - Tool Only




Honda HHT36 Battery Brushcutter - Tool Only

Convenience. Flexibility. Use the same battery for every product.

Honda Universal Battery System

This new Honda range is powered by Honda’s Universal Battery System. Simple and convenient to use, a single lithium-ion battery is paired with a single charger to work across the entire range. There’s no need for different batteries for each product you own.

Ideal for the serious contractor, Honda’s HHT36 Battery Brushcutter is perfect for slashing through large areas of tough scrub with the performance that professionals need. Its battery powered brushless motor gets through the job with ease, offering sustained high power and efficiency.

  • Bike Handle
  • 93 dB(A)
  • 36v Battery power with brushless motor
  • 6.5kg (excl Battery)
  • 2 year domestic warranty

Tool only, battery & charger sold separately

Powerful Performance

A new generation of high-capacity batteries and a powerful, 36-volt electric motor, Honda’s engineers ensured that the HHT36 Battery Brushcutter offers superior cutting performance just like the Honda standard!

Universal Battery System

Use either of the three available batteries: 4Ah, 6Ah and 9Ah across the HHT36 Brushcutter and Honda’s entire Battery product range.

Safe & Easy Operation

 Honda’s HHT36 Battery Brushcutter keeps you comfortable and safe. Featuring an included harness that can be adjusted to fit you perfectly.

Heavy Duty 3 Tooth Blade

The blade is designed to make light work of heavy-duty garden management.

Automatic Line Head

The line head features a ‘tap & go’ automatic feed of the nylon line, ensuring that every cut is as precise and powerful as the other.